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Hanging out with the guys

I love going camping with my brothers. These days, we have a couple of new 'brothers' with my sisters' husbands, and we love to spend some time going out camping. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a good climate where we can go camping at nearly any time. We have a few big tents we can share as well as some small one-man tents for when we want some time by ourselves. The girls like to tease us about our camping trips, but they know it'a all good fun. This blog is all about our boys camping trips.



Two ways to prevent your camping equipment from being stolen when you're on camping trips

Discovering that your valuable and much-needed camping equipment has been stolen can ruin an otherwise fun camping trip. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to reduce the risk of this happening to you. Here are two such actions.

If your tent has windows, cover them up when you go on excursions.

If the tent you use when you camp features plastic windows, you should cover them up before you go off on any excursions in the area where your tent is located. You should cover them with a blanket or some other opaque item, from the inside (so that no one outside the tent can remove this cover).

The reason for this is as follows; when a thief walks around a campsite where there are dozens of similar-looking, unattended tents, they will usually head straight for the ones that have uncovered windows, as these transparent openings will allow them to look into a tent and see what type of camping equipment has been left inside of it. Picking these tents ensures that they don't waste time trying to get into ones that might not contain any valuable camping gear. If they spot anything that they suspect could be worth a lot of money when peering into a tent window, they will then try to get into that tent (usually by either cutting a hole in the fabric or breaking the padlock on the door zip).

In short, by covering up your tent windows and securing your tent as best you can before you set off to do any camping activities, you can make the tent and the equipment you leave inside it less attractive to thieves.

Choose camping equipment that is very portable.

Another tactic you can employ to avoid having your camping equipment stolen is to purchase equipment that is portable enough to carry with you when you go on excursions during your trips. This is likely to be safer than leaving this equipment unattended in your tent.

For example, you can now buy compact and incredibly lightweight versions of essential camping items, such as sleeping bags that can be folded up into a pocket-sized wad, and collapsible camping kettles and sinks that are very small when compressed. These items should be compact and light enough to be put into the backpack that you take with you when you go for walks or cycling trips around the camp area.