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Hanging out with the guys

I love going camping with my brothers. These days, we have a couple of new 'brothers' with my sisters' husbands, and we love to spend some time going out camping. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a good climate where we can go camping at nearly any time. We have a few big tents we can share as well as some small one-man tents for when we want some time by ourselves. The girls like to tease us about our camping trips, but they know it'a all good fun. This blog is all about our boys camping trips.



A Few Essential Tips for Choosing a Camper Trailer for You and Your Family

A camper trailer can be a great choice for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to enjoy nature when on holiday, and for families who want to vacation as cheaply as possible, caravan site rentals are almost always more affordable than a hotel room. When you are ready to invest in a camper trailer for your family, note a few basic but essential tips for choosing the right one.

The ability to separate from your car

A large motor home may be easier to manage when you're on the road than a trailer you tow behind you, but consider how often you'll want to drive once you arrive at your destination. If you park at a favourite lake resort and stay there all week, you won't need to separate the caravan from your car, but if you need to drive to the beach, to nearby restaurants, or anywhere else, you'll want a smaller caravan that you can easily detach from the car. Note the various connectors and how difficult it would be to hook and then unhook any potential trailer from the car, so you can manage this easily when on holiday.

The strenth to stand up to weather conditions

You may love to take a holiday at a warm and sunny beach location, but will it be too warm under a simple pop-up trailer? Tropical areas are also often known for sudden and strong storms, and these can be very uncomfortable in a lightweight trailer that doesn't have actual sides but canvas walls that fold out instead. Pop-ups may also be more prone to letting in airborne sand and moisture from a nearby beach. While pop-ups can be very lightweight and easy to use on the road, if you like to take your holiday in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions, invest in a caravan with solid walls instead.

The ability to store the trailer at home

If you live an in area with deed restrictions, meaning bylaws about how you can use your own property, you might first check to see if you can store any type of trailer on your lawn or even in your garage. Some very strict homeowner's associations or certain neighbourhoods may not allow certain types of trailers or may restrict their size. You may be able to find a caravan site with available storage for your trailer, or you'll need to search for a self-storage facility; note the monthly fees for smaller versus larger units when considering the type and size of trailer to buy.