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Hanging out with the guys

I love going camping with my brothers. These days, we have a couple of new 'brothers' with my sisters' husbands, and we love to spend some time going out camping. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a good climate where we can go camping at nearly any time. We have a few big tents we can share as well as some small one-man tents for when we want some time by ourselves. The girls like to tease us about our camping trips, but they know it'a all good fun. This blog is all about our boys camping trips.



A Shopping List of Accessories for New Caravan Owners

Buying a new caravan can mean being able to enjoy a holiday at a moment's notice and without the hassle and expense of finding a hotel room. If you've just recently purchased your first caravan, you may be excited about getting it on the road, but before you do, note caravan accessories you may want to purchase first. This will ensure your caravan is protected from damage and your next camping trip is relaxing and comfortable.


Your caravan's frame is probably made of wood, and allowing too much dampness to collect inside the caravan can mean damage to that frame and the furniture, as the foam inside your seating areas can become moulded. A good dehumidifier, made for a caravan specifically, can be out of the way but also keep your things protected. It's especially important to put this on your list if you holiday during humid summer months the most or visit tropical areas where humidity levels are high.

Insect repellents

Don't rely on sprays and candles to keep insects at bay when you're on holiday; once they get into the caravan, they can be difficult to get out and they can be especially bothersome at night when you're trying to sleep. Camping can mean more insects than you're accustomed to at home, so purchase a plug-in insect repellent that zaps bugs outside the caravan or that uses sound waves or another means to keep them away altogether

Caravan damp mop

Trying to bring your own household mop with you in a caravan can be a challenge as you may not have room to store it. You may also not need something so big and cumbersome for the smaller tile floor of a caravan, but cleaning it with a rag on your hands and knees can be uncomfortable. Invest in a caravan-sized damp mop; these usually fold up or the handle will slide inside itself for easier storage, and the head of the mop may include disposable cloths that you simply toss out after cleaning. This lets you keep your caravan in tiptop shape and reduce the risk of damage to your tile floors from ground-in dirt and mud.

Portable heater

A heater meant for a caravan may be more compact than your household space heater and is usually fuelled by propane or gas, so you won't drain the caravan's battery. Don't rely on your electric space heater from home to keep you comfortable while camping, but purchase a heater specifically meant for caravans for easy storage and convenient use.